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the icon is wip ok?
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Traditional lineart
Usually I draw these on lined paper, but I can draw it on unlined paper too.
Colored traditional art
 This is how I do reference sheets for my characters. These will not have a background, because those take forever. 
Digital art (colored or not)
Because I am worse at drawing digitally, these will take longer and will cost more. Colored or not, because the difference in time between the two is negligible for digital art while it isn't for traditional art. Therefore, I think 110 points is a fair price.

This, like the colored traditional art, will not have a background. Because backgrounds are hard enough traditionally.
Full colored traditional art
The background takes longer than the character(s), that's why this is valued so high.
Digital full art
The traditional option, but digitally. That's why this is valued so high as well.


Sat Jun 16, 2018, 4:46 AM
I made a cloud puff
Fri Jun 15, 2018, 4:41 PM
Thanks Buggy
Thu May 24, 2018, 11:03 AM
SuperLunala FTW!
Tue May 15, 2018, 1:47 PM
I use it at times
Sun May 13, 2018, 6:39 AM
Finally, someone other than me has used this--
Wed May 2, 2018, 12:35 PM
I’m using it lel~ : p
Sun Apr 29, 2018, 1:32 PM
y duz noone use dis
Wed Mar 14, 2018, 4:53 AM
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...
Sat Feb 3, 2018, 8:32 AM

Which of the following should I make an OC out of? (I have ideas for all of these but no refs yet) 

11 deviants said Luxray
5 deviants said Idk and idrc so...
4 deviants said Togekiss
4 deviants said One of my fakemon (probably Cherrykaze)
3 deviants said Weavile
No deviants said Something else [comment]


:iconfloweryprintadopt: :iconcr10-da-squad:


Turning off the lights in reality
Me: Alexa, turn off all the lights
*the lights turn off except my room light*
Amazon Alexa: OK
Turning off the lights in Kurtail City
Wade: Alexa, turn off all the lights
Alexa: *runs around the entire house turning off the lights* Where are we going?

must protecc

back to the bios styled from Nate, because THREE REFS AT ONCE

they're about 5 in this ref? Idk exactly. About as old as Awataccino should be, so yeah, 4-5 years old.

And yes, the icon on Niko and Lucy's Magnadisks would be Dusty's if she were an Ailurrium herself
Milla | Anduna (
SuperLunala) | Female | Heterosexual (i.e. straight) | Ghost type Glitch-type icon thingy by SuperLunala
Ability: Out-of-Phase (Boosts Ghost-type moves' power by 30% and makes them always hit, however, the same goes for all other Ghost-types on the field)
Moves: Glitch Wave*, Astonish, Hex, Executable File*, Confuse Ray
*Glitch Wave - 60 power Glitch-type move that fires a beam at the opponent. Executable File - Glitch-type status move that inflicts Poisoned on the opponent.
- Likes Eevee, anything sweet
- Dislikes being called cute (it embarrasses her a lot, which doesn't mean Dusty doesn't do it XD), being late
- gets embarrassed easily
- always wears a bow styled after a Glitch Sylveon (because she loves Eevees for some reason)
- technically the oldest of the three (by 9 minutes)
 | Furrium (SuperLunala) | Male | Heterosexual (i.e. straight) | Steel typeNormal type 
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Defense Curl, Sand Attack, Tackle, Leer, Thundershock
- Likes pretending to be a racecar (something tells me he'll like to run as an adult), hanging out with his sisters
- Dislikes bees and other small bugs
- easily amused
- has three different bandanas (yellow, black-and-green, and blue-and-red), but the yellow is his favorite
- actually isn't the fastest of the three, that's Lucy because she's stronger by comparison
Lucina (likes to be called Lucy) | Anduna/Furrium fusion (both base species SuperLunala) | Female | Heterosexual (i.e. straight) | Steel typeGhost type Glitch-type icon thingy by SuperLunala (fusions of Glitch-only Pokemon are the only time a pokemon of mine may have 3 types)
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Glitch Wave, Hex, Tackle, Defense Curl, Thundershock
*Glitch Wave - 60 power Glitch-type move that fires a beam at the opponent. Executable File - Glitch-type status move that inflicts Poisoned on the opponent.
- Likes being alone, annoying Niko specifically
- Dislikes loud places, snakes
- quiet most of the time (not that she doesn't talk, but that she talks quietly)
- didn't dye her "hair" green, it normally is like that
- strongest of the three 
I have half an hour to finish these three refs. Think I can do it?
And, an entire hour after my episode of complete idiocy, goodnight!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand fifth stage. Disregard the last status post which Darren had just commented on as I typed this one.
Don't juke me, but at the same time, please juke me. "Juking" meaning "reviving the OCs I've just entered a fourth stage of grief (Denial (when they were announced to be dead) --> Anger --> Depression --> Bargaining (this status post)) over"
Note: I am now obsessed with Lacie because somehow THAT'S the excuse for killing off the two most beloved OCs of my friend group

Vent time. I can't post it in the morning but I can RP now so here's an RP status post related to it...

Alexa: ...why do I still exist...*holding a knife very close to her chest monitor*
(Public RP. Especially if you rname is Haley and you love Latiases)
I feel like Nate and HJ are trying to prove a point that PantherKing239 was wrong by killing off their most lovable OC and then saying "You can't revive them without being blocked

Lika (who was a fakeout I think)
Rouge (who wasn't. Be glad Dusty didn't find this out and commit suicide BEFORE having her kids. -n-)

How could you do this...
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I have an idea of another thing to draw. .3.


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Some random person who likes Pokémon enough to create my own Fake Pokémon. Somewhat.

This is a compendium of stamps and buttons that I find that are relevant to me.




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