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Traditional lineart
Usually I draw these on lined paper, but I can draw it on unlined paper too.

Note for all commissions: I'm not here to pay your dick, go find your R34 somewhere else.
Colored traditional art
 This is how I do reference sheets for my characters. These will not have a background, because those take forever. 
Digital art (colored or not)
Because I am worse at drawing digitally, these will take longer and will cost more. Colored or not, because the difference in time between the two is negligible for digital art while it isn't for traditional art. Therefore, I think 190 points is a fair price.

This, like the colored traditional art, will not have a background. Because backgrounds are hard enough traditionally.
Full colored traditional art
The background takes longer than the character(s), that's why this is valued so high.

(+30 points per extra'll have to pay these not with the commission widget)


y duz noone use dis
Wed Mar 14, 2018, 4:53 AM
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...
Sat Feb 3, 2018, 8:32 AM

A wild Matareon appears! What do you do? 

5 deviants said *throws masterball*
5 deviants said *pets it*
3 deviants said *does absolutely nothing*
1 deviant said Kill it! *it revives* Kill it again! *it revives again* Stop that!
1 deviant said I'm not a Pokemon fan, what the hell is this?!
No deviants said Something I haven't thought of [comment]




nDon't worry. I' working on stuff. (refs for Arbol and Lizzari and chapter 1 of PMD LitS) I just decided to upload Part 3 of my let's play of Pokemo Uranium so...

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Light in the Shadows | Prologue
Lose a Luz

    “Luz? Where are you?”
    Sahara expected some sort of “Boo” a few seconds later, such was the normal greeting between them. Nothing happened. Sahara looked everywhere around their normal meeting place, behind the café between their houses. Even up, Luz liked to climb. Nowhere.
    “C’mon, this is very funny,” Sahara said. She followed the path Luz would have taken, looking for her the entire way to her dad's house. No luck. She walked inside.
    “What’s wrong?” Mr. Kintaria, a severe-looking, but kind-hearted Recalitty said. “You look like you’ve lost something.”
    “Yeah,” Sahara said. “Have you seen Luz around?”
    “No,” Luz’s father said sincerely. “She said she was going to talk with you about some movie and ran out the door. She didn’t show up?”
    “No.” Sahara shook her head as well, for no particular reason.
    “Huh. Hope she hasn’t gone too far astray. Need any help looking for her?” Luz’s father offered.
    “Please,” Sahara nearly gasped.
    “Lordy, someone’s tense,” Luz’s father said with a smirk and a chuckle. Sahara didn’t laugh. “Come on.”

- - - - -

    He led Sahara around the rest of Torch Valley, which went into the night, but neither one could find the missing Luz. They stopped in front of a menacing-looking cave in the west face of the valley. The town was far back, this was probably the furthest Luz would have gone.
    “Luzfira Lane, stop playing this game,” Luz’s father said. The middle name! Sahara thought. She’s in trouble now!
    Nobody came out. “LUZFIRA!” Mr. Kintaria bellowed, the name echoing off the walls of the valley and the cave. Still nothing.
    “She’s in trouble, and not just with me,” Luz’s father said. “Wait right here, Sahara. I’ll be back.” He ran back towards town. Ookay then. Guess I wait, Sahara thought. She looked into the cavern, feeling like she was being watched.
    Suddenly, something glowed deep within. “What was that?” Sahara exclaimed. The glint disappeared. “Luz, if you’re in there, say something.” Only the sound of her own voice greeted her. Sahara tried to “see” ahead using her powers, but couldn’t see past the entrance. That’s odd, Sahara thought. She walked into the cavern.
    Immediately a sharp pain erupted in Sahara’s head. She nearly hit it against the wall as she leaned against it, and yet the pain got worse. It felt like something inside her head was screaming, and as such Sahara yelled right along with it. The pain went away after she did that, and while it seemed like common sense at the time, the fact it actually worked shocked Sahara.
    She walked further into the tunnel, every so often saying “Hello? You there, Luz?” at a near-whisper. The tunnel bent around and around, and eventually it got too dark to see. Well, if one wasn’t a Quakeon, that is. Sahara, for the first time she could remember, had to use her “Luxray vision.” Thank you, seismic powers, Sahara thought.
    Eventually the path forked. The right path had a soft purple light, enough to barely make out the left path. Figuring that Luz would follow the light because she couldn’t see in complete darkness, Sahara took the right path...and came to a dead end.
    “Now what?” Sahara thought out loud. There’s something on the other side of that wall, I can tell. But if I bring it down, I could trap both of us in here...Sahara tapped on the wall. Nothing happened, good or bad. It appeared the wall didn’t matter to the cave’s integrity, so Sahara tried to open a person-sized hole in the wall.
    Immediately upon doing so, something dived in and went straight for Sahara’s face. She tore it off, in her hands was a flailing Zubat. And everyone knew, where there’s one Zubat…
    ...there’s many more behind it. Sahara ducked, she counted three more that flew right over her, and two staying to check out who just broke in. Sahara created a pillar of earth underneath each one, crushing them against the ceiling. Zubats don’t have much in the way of strength, just number. Sahara walked several steps forward, then started feeling dizzy. She walked along the path as far as she could, but eventually she fell down. That Zubat bit me, Sahara realized. It barely even hurt, but it definitely bit her.
    “Luzfira!” Sahara shouted. She didn’t expect a response, but it was worth a try.
    “Come here!” Luz yelled. Sahara was too occupied with her swirling head to be surprised by the response, just yelling back a weaker “I can’t!” No sound came back for a moment, and Sahara assumed Luz couldn’t hear her.
    “I need help!” Luz pleaded eventually. By then, Sahara’s head had started to clear up, and she could walk again. She slowly walked further down the tunnel, which opened into a large room with a pedestal in the middle. On the pedestal was a bracelet. Sahara walked up to it and reached out for it.
    “Don’t take it!” Luz said. “That’s how—” It was too late. Sahara had already grabbed the gem and nearly had it on her wrist. A shudder went through the entire cave. “Ookay, let’s go.” Sahara ran over to Luz and saw that her leg was broken. Well, there’s your problem, Sahara thought. She picked Luz up with a grunt and ran. The light got dimmer, but it didn’t go away entirely. It appeared the crystal Sahara took gave off a small amount of light. That was good, because Sahara couldn’t “see” anymore otherwise.
    “I hope you remember the way out of here!” Luz shouted as the cave shuddered again.
    “Yeah, it’s simple!” Sahara said. Just go from the cross tunnels straight across and follow it up, right? She continued across a crossing set of tunnels, and then into a room that wasn’t there before. She looked frantically for an exit, and found three of them.
    “You’re lost, aren’t you?” someone said. It wasn’t Luz, her response was, “Well, now we’re screwed.”

- - - - -

    Watching them was a shadow Pokémon. This didn’t look good to her. “Why now?” she asked. “Just wait, they’re not ready yet.”
    “What are you doing?” the shadow Pokémon’s captor said. “Ah, your light of hope. Why do you think I sent him to it? To snuff it out.”
    “Heh. You don’t get it, do you?”
    “There’s nothing you know that I don’t.”
    “Shadows need light. In darkness they can’t be cast.”
    “Get to the point, Anakira.”
    “The shadow you’ve cast over the land? It seems you’ve forgotten that there will always be light in the shadows. Snuff out this one and another one will form.”
    The shadow Pokémon was slapped for this. “I should just kill you right now.”
    “Yeaaah, but you need my powers. Good luck without me.”
    “That’s the only reason you’re still alive. And I could probably do this with our resident Pixeleon.”
    “Who doesn’t have enough power because it’s not the same type.”
    “You see right through me.”
    “Then stop being so predicta--” An explosion, followed by a murmur from the shadow Pokémon.
    “That’s more like it.”

PMD:LitS Prologue
oh hey, look, mysteriousness

(mysteriousness is removed by finding the description of PMD:LitS on

First: You're here
Previous: There is none dummy
Next: None exists YET
Random equality things

Glaceon, in Japanese = Hoenn Elite Four member Prim, in English
Hoenn Gym Leader Flannery, in Japanese = Sword Art Online character Asuna, in English and Japanese

i found these just by trying to find a few eeveelutions in the list of pokemon characters gave me
CORE will say "May the Fourth be with you" and leave me kek
Mirura: WHAT?!
Dusty: Yes..-_-
Hawkodile: They kickin' yet? *reaches for Dusty's belly*
Dusty: I'm kickin' yet. *kicks Hawkodile between the legs*
Hawkodile: OW! What the heck was that for?
Dusty: When people have a pregnancy fetish around me, I get angry.
Mirura: Or, you know, you just have an anger problem...and Hawk has a troll problem...
Hawkodile and Dusty: Very funny!
Nyatna: If Lunala could color me right for once...
Rouge: At least they've tried drawing you.
Nyatna: And they haven't done so with you?
Rouge: Nope.
Nyatna: Then what's Alexa?
Rouge: ...unoriginality...
Alexa: Huh? What am I?
Rouge and Nyatna: *whispers: Dammit*
Miles: What the heck kind of Pokémon is that?
Tomochi: I have no idea.
Sakura: *makes a sound kind of like a Vulpix*
Miles: Hm. Whatever. *throws a Poké Ball*
Tomochi: Nice. Didn't even weaken it. *thumbs up*
Noelle: C'mon Saku...*sees what's happened* What have you done with Sakura?
Miles: Heh...he....
Tomochi: Let's... *yells with Miles* RUN! *both run away*
Noelle: Give my kitsu--I mean, yanekunla back! *runs after them*
HJ: What are we all doing here?
Nate: I don't know.
Kyle: Your guess is as good as mine.
Sachi: Why am I the only non-art god here?
Everyone else: ...
Riley: You're so cute when you're dumb.
Steve: Thank you.
Castor: Y'know, she called you dumb.
Riley: Well, Steve's used to that. Unlike you, dummy.
Pollux: You don't know how true that last sentence is...
Castor: Shut up! I cured Stardust's Clockwork Virus!
Everyone else: Non-canonically.
Castor: Shhhhhhhhh!
Rai'nukah: I'm hungry.
Emerald: *throws a mouse at Rai'nukah*
Rai'nukah: Y'know, if I was actually as hungry as I was that time, I'd eat both you and the mouse.
Emerald: What? You think I was repeating what I did for that vore thing?
Rai'nukah: Yes.
Emerald: Nope.
Rai'nukah: Whatever.
Yunuva: You will pay for the destruction of the life of Lucky and Yoruka!
Hisoto: You and what army?
Yunuva: The army of myself.
Lumani: He'll just kill you.
Auska: All of you shut up. That was also non-canon.
Yunuva: Stop breaking my fourth wall!
Hisoto and Lumani: Your fourth wall?
Auska: Meh.
Yunuva: I'll kill you too!
Lumani: Aaaaand we'll just leave it there. Next!
Cirrina: ¿Qué es esto?
Astro: *is on top of a fainted Luxrikita, his scythe next to him*'s not what it looks like.
Cirrina: Levantese, o yo te mataré. *freezes the ground around Astro*
Astro: Uh...English please?
Cirrina: *sigh* I'm not talking to you.
Random guy drawing R34 of Felacier: *stands up with his hands up* ¿Cómo me encontró?
Astro: Oh. Okay then.
Sahara: C'mon, one more.
Icarus: I don't have any more ideas!
Sahara: Excuses, excuses. Just draw something with Luz and Arbol.
Luzfira: Hey!
Arbol: Uh...actually, can you do that?
Icarus: I don't draw R34.
Luzfira: And I don't want to see R34!
Random guy: Y'know, every single one of you here is an easy target for R34 anyway.
Everyone else: Shut up!

LAZAPHY! (mini-comic thingy)
I probably should put a mature content filter ("moderate gore") on this but ehhhh

inspired by a supposedly stupid fact from hj's copy of my meme
"When Lazaphy draws edge, the person she draws is harmed in reality"

if this were an rp story, plus you probably can't read the words I had wrote, and they're slightly wrong anyway:
[Before This Comic, I Wish I Had Thought Of This Beforehand]
Lazaphy: *is angry with HJ's Sachi for some reason I'm too *cough*lazy to figure out* God, I just wanna make that Jirachi bleed!
Sieg: May I recommend drawing a different one? Y'know, so that Sach doesn't try to kill you for it?
Lazaphy: Hm...actually, that's probably the first good idea you've had all year...
Lazaphy: *is finishing up the edgeful drawing* This shouldn't matter, it isn't anyone real...that I know of, anyway...
[Meanwhile, in Kurtail City...]
Sachi: *the Astral Chain is shocking her* Ow! What did I do?! *the "eye" on her chest starts bleeding* Ow!
Kaisel: *sees that Sachi is bleeding* Sachi?! O-O

coincidence? i think not /kill SuperLunala
Note, this is not a vent in the slightest. It is not a vent on my nobodyness because Lazaphy legitimately does not know Sachi. (The design was probably in her head due to being HJ's Pokesona lel) This came only from the "stupid fact" I listed above because I really wanted to do something with that. Not from any anger at anything. If you still feel the need to yell at me that this is a vent or anything, please see the first sentence of this paragraph.

LazyLatiasLover - is Lazaphy
LazyLatiasLover - owner of Sieg (mentioned) and Sachi, Embodiment of the Stars (mentioned)
SuperLunala - owner of Sachi (Titan) and Kaisel


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Some random person who likes Pokémon enough to create my own Fake Pokémon. Somewhat.

This is a compendium of buttons that I find that are relevant to me.




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